Our Mission

Our Mission

And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from the sorrow, from the fear, and from the bondage that you were made to serve.

(Isaiah 14:3)

Our mission is to spread the Truth that you no longer need to be enslaved to the bondage of this world. Everyone can be free from the chains of addiction whether that be from drugs, alcohol, anger, sex, food or any other form of sinful bondage. With the power of the Holy Spirit, we lead families down the road to recovery and the promise of new life in Jesus Christ. 

Sobriety is just the first step. Lasting recovery comes from healing on a spiritual level. Therefore, our men spend time daily studying the Bible, praying for each other and in Christian fellowship. The decision to follow Jesus Christ is both individual and voluntary, but we believe only Christ can provide the healing needed to exit the program as a new creation.

Participation in our program is voluntary and based on both availability and an intake process. Once admitted to the Breaking Bonds program, all men are encouraged to complete the journey. However, no one is compelled to stay beyond their own desire to experience a full recovery.

Our residential facility is located in Craighead County. Our worship services are held on Tuesday nights at First United Methodist Church of Jonesboro. Worship is open to all, including family members and supporters of our program. All of our worship services are also streaming online.

We are continually seeking those who are lost in this world to share the message of our Savior Jesus Christ and the salvation and healing available only through Him. There is a forgiveness for the past and a future in Christ.

Our mission would not be possible without the support of hundreds of compassionate and faithful donors. To learn more about becoming a financial supporter of Breaking Bonds, visit our Donate page.

If you would speak with someone about admission into the program, please fill out the form below.